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Challenging my skills:

Throughout my career I have exhibited my art.  I have been in many juried local, regional, and national exhibitions.  My work has been part of juried exhibitions in Kansas, Iowa, Minnesota, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, and Massachusetts.  Presently, I concentrate on regional and national juried exhibitions for exhibiting my current work.


Upon retirement from teaching, I participated in many art fairs.  I learned a great deal by interacting with the public.  Through that communication I began to understand how people received my work, interacted with the images, and how it triggered their thoughts.  I also was able to help the public gain a better understanding of the mediums, processes, and effort that goes into creating art.  I worked to make the arts more accessible in the communities in which I have lived.  I chaired the Grant Wood Regional Arts Festival, curated exhibitions in arts centers, instructed in workshops and classes, and have received numerous grants from local, state, and national agencies.  Presently I have secured grants and workshops focusing on arts and aging.

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