Art and Social Justice

With all the hurt, devastation, and lack of tolerance around current events, I see an opportunity to use the visual arts as a tool to bring various cultures together, to dialogue in person without feeling uncomfortable or threatened.  Discussing art can allow the viewer to share questions and perspectives so that discussion is meaningful, and the volume is lowered.  I have done this in my classrooms all my career.  I would like to share these skills with classrooms, religious groups, service groups, and community groups.  I am writing curriculum using Black Am. artists' work to raise questions and encourage frank, honest discussion within diverse groups.  I would be happy to share my writing and my skills. (I.e.  themes about monuments, family history, economic opportunity, social responsibility, violence, breaking barriers, facing personal responsibility, etc.)

A curriculum has been developed, posted here and on the Central Minnesota Arts Board website.  The units included are:

Standing in Whitness on Selma Shores 13