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Art and Aging:

The program is temporarily suspended due to COVID-19 and will be on hold until we are allowed to meet in person again.

For the past four years, I have been privileged to work with aging populations.  I have created opportunities for seniors to use art as a means of communication, social building, and sustain their mental health and vitality.  I began by working in resident care facilities in St. Cloud, MN, by offering classes to their clients.  For the past three years, I have been teaching for a program offered by the Paramount Center for the Arts, called Art Sparks.  In 2018, I brought the program to Elk River, MN.  Presently I am writing grants and building a network so we can expand and build our own program to become an Art Bright Site.  This program will use the visual arts to support memory loss patients and their home care providers.  The programs use art images as a focus to remember their own stories through art critique.  The participants create a community through social activity, and they find joy in creating meaningful art pieces which also reinforce memory.  I pride myself in being able to connect with my audience by writing meaningful art curriculum which has purpose and depth.  I create opportunities for my group to communicate, find respite from their daily caregiving, and find purpose and dignity.  This past summer in 2019, I received more instruction in the field of arts and aging.  It was through the Minneapolis Institute of Art, sponsored by Aroha Philanthropies.  I am now listed on their teaching artist roster.

I am developing new curriculum for when we can gather again:

Article in the Elk River Star News paper: 

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